Saturday, November 11, 2006


Here are some great words from Scott McKnight's blog regarding a definition of manhood. I find these words incredibly refreshing, simple and sensible in contrast to so much of the oppressive and rigid gender stereotyping that seems to be constantly heard in so much of the evangelical community today.

"I think “manhood” is for an individual male — with whatever talents and gifts and context God has granted to that person — to follow Christ in such a way that brings glory to God in relationship to God, self, others (spouses and children included), and the world. When the male follows Christ, we see what genuine “manhood” really is. To follow Christ, to put it in Jesus’ own terms, is to love God and to love others (as the self)."

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sermons in Drag

Some food for thought:

How does the non-narrative character of evangelicalism and our almost totally non-narrative, reductive, propositional approach to the Bible, affect our ability to understand and appreciate the importance of the arts and the ways in which they can speak to us. Is this one of the reasons why evangelicals have so little patience with works of art which do not preach and why most of the art we produce is basically dressed up sermons?