Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Skeptical Believers in a Credulous Age

Here is great quote from Malcolm Muggeridge's little book The End of Christendom, an important influence in the development of my intellectual life as a Christian. In this passage, Muggeridge rejects and reverses a typical assumption of the modern Western world.

It is one of the fantasies of the twentieth century that believers are credulous, sentimental people, and that you have to be a materialist and a scientist and a humanist to have a skeptical mind. But of course exactly the opposite is true. It is believers who can be astringent and skeptical, whereas people who believe seriously that this universe exists only in order to provide a theatre for man must take man with deadly seriousness. I believe myself that the age we are living in now will go down in history as one of the most credulous ever. (pg. 4)


thekid said...

It's funny, but rather often I find the lyrics, "and like all true believers I am truly skeptical of all that I have said" circling around in my mind. They sprang to mind when I read this great quote you shared. I need to read some of Muggeridge's stuff.

Gordon Hackman said...


I think of this quote every time I hear those lyrics. I am certain they must have read this passage and incorporated it into their song.

Ivan said...


Do you think there is something "special" in regard to this modern age in regard to humanity and Christianity?

If so, what and why?

Best regards